One Hundred Years Later (Part One Chapter Seven)

Part One

Allow us to introduce ourselves

Chapter Seven

I sat in the library, behind the furthermost stacks, where it was dark and secluded. It was my favorite place to read, even if it was a bit chilly. And drafty. And dusty.

I shivered when a slight wind blew past, ruffling my pages. This part of the library always seemed to have a strange wind to it. Nothing too bad, though.

Suddenly, a strong wind blew through, so strong it whipped my pages back to the beginning and tangled my hair. The weird thing was, nothing else was affected. Then came another wind, and another, and another. When it finally ended, I looked at my book, and it had changed. A new story sat in its place. Confused, I opened it up to the first page.

"A long time ago, a hundred years ago today, to be precise, there was a family. They were powerful, and rich, and knew all. The strangest thing about them, however, was that they all had unimaginable powers.

The mother could see into a dream realm, where emotions are colors and spirits run free. The father could run, faster than fast, faster than light itself.

The eldest brother could see every color, even ones invisible to the human eye. With this ability, he could change what people see, making illusions of his choosing. The eldest sister could freeze time, manipulating a single instant. The youngest brother could hear miles and miles away and select a specific sound from many.

The youngest sister was the most powerful of all. She couldn’t run, or trick, or fly, or enter another world, but she could control anyone she saw with simply words. She could move without a physical form, and all she met looked upon her with fear.

They were more powerful than anyone else in the world, until one hundred years ago. A shadow came down from above and asked them who was the most powerful. They argued, not about who was most powerful, but whom they would say was the most powerful. In the end, they claimed that the eldest brother was the most powerful. The shadow, trusting the family, took the eldest brother away and erased the family’s memory of him or the shadow ever existing. Only the youngest sister remembered.

The shadow kept returning, and one by one took away the members of the family until only the youngest sister remained. Before she could be taken away as well, she hid her consciousness away, waiting one hundred years to be released.

As she waited, she learned the fate of her family, and the identity of the shadow. She vowed to find her family’s abilities, spread across the generations and use them to bring her family back.

It has been one hundred years, Elizabeth. And she knows who you are.

Run, Elizabeth. Run."

I closed the book in horror. I thought that it was over. I thought I ended things one hundred years ago. I thought I was free. What have I done?

I run outside and look around. The world looks just the same, but the feeling. It doesn’t feel right. She’s back. It’s all happening again.


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