One Hundred Years Later (Part One Chapter One)


Allow us to introduce ourselves

Chapter One

I woke up and rubbed my eyes. A new day. A new pallet. I looked at the poster on my ceiling, placed so it would be the first thing I see in the morning. Normal people who look at it see the normal colors, in the normal order, (ROY G BIV) with the color’s name below. For me, though, every day the colors change.

Today, in terms of normal people's colors, red is a pale blue, orange is neon green, yellow is a silvery-color, green is a dark grey, blue is a deep, deep red, and purple is mahogany. Brown is A pale yellow, black is perfect gold. Good. there is variety today. Some days they are all similar shades, and it's harder to pretend that I see what everyone else does. I like to stay inside those days.

“Any good colors today, Jack?” I glance over at Jasmine and startle slightly. Her eyes are dark red, her hair pale blue. The exact opposite of her actual appearance.

“I have mahogany today, I haven’t had that since last Christmas.”

“Any word from that doctor?”

“No, none yet. I’m hoping I’ll get a call today.”

“Keep me posted, okay?”

“Of course.”

Jasmine is the only person I’ve ever told about my colors. I told her when I was five years old, when I was only beginning to realize how irregular my world is. She promised she would never tell anyone, and never has. We’ve been best friends ever since.

My day starts the same as any other day. Bus, work, lunch, work, bus. I’m supposed to stop at the grocery store after work, but I decide to skip it and go get a coffee.

The store is mostly empty, just a few quiet business folks, and a young couple on a date. Same as always. Sometimes I think I’m the only reason this place is still open. There’s never anyone here.

“Jack! How are you? It’s been far too long!”

“I’m good, Eric, I’ve been busy.”

“Too busy to visit an old friend? Ha!” I shook my head, but I was smiling. Eric always made me laugh.

“Have a good day, Jack. And don’t wait so long between visits anymore, alright?” I look at Eric, with his golden hair, spattered with streaks of navy. (grey.)

“I promise, Eric. I’ll see you soon.” I walk out of Eric’s shop, a smile on my face. I debated canceling my doctor’s appointment. My colors aren’t so bad.

A car horn blared and people screamed. A car, filled with people and money and fire tore down the street, as other cars swerved and dodged and people ran and ran. I moved to avoid the chaos, but a deep red car swerved to avoid a collision with a scared rider and a mahogany bike. They had a collision with me instead.

I awoke with a start. Everything was blurry.

“Jack! Are you alright!?” Jasmine ran to my side, worry filling her face.

“I… I think so. How long was I asleep?”

“A few days. I have your pallet.” She held up my color board in front of my eyes. Grey. Black. White. Grey. The world was muted and dark. My colors were gone. Somehow, I knew they wouldn't be back.

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